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What is the Job Description Generator tool from Expertia AI?

Having a good job description can help attract the right candidates to a job. It's hard and time-consuming to write a comprehensive jd even for the most seasoned professionals, but it's super important.

We have created a simple free tool to give you a high-quality job-description for any role. We also allow you to make edits to the generated jd and copy or download it. Save time and effort by using our job description generator to create professional and comprehensive job postings that stand out to job seekers in a competitive job market.

What are the Job Description components?

About The Role

This section provides a high level overview of the role with a concise summary in a few sentences. It provides a basic understanding of the role with a ‘bird’s eye view’ of the role.


This section refers to the responsibilities assigned to the job role. In a few key points, they describe the fundamental nature of the job where the majority of the employee’s time is spent.


This section lists the required level of job knowledge such as education, experience, knowledge, and abilities required to do the job. Here, there is an emphasis on the “minimum” level of qualifications for an individual to be productive and successful in this role.


This section lists the specific skills required from the candidate to contribute to the day-to-day activities and be successful in the role.

How does the tool work?

The tool leverages generative AI to create job descriptions. The job title is a mandatory field, you can enter it and click on generate. The other optional fields are industry and experience level which help create a more personalized job description.

Know more about Expertia AI

Expertia AI helps companies source large number of candidates owing to its integrations with many job boards. The intelligence in the platform helps identify top candidates, conduct assessments, expert interviews, and more. Post a job and get started for free.


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© 2024 Expertia AI. Copyright and rights reserved

© 2024 Expertia AI. Copyright and rights reserved