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Expertia AI is a Skill Intelligence Platform ® to help organizations and professionals make super accurate, instant and confident talent and career decisions.

Expertia Talent Advisor or ETA ® is an application offered by Expertia AI to help companies identify, rank Top profiles in a pool of applications and resumes, know and validate their key skills and predict their career path, culture fit.This helps in shortlisting candidates for interviews in a matter of seconds

ETA uses advanced AI algorithms to understand what skills mean, validates them using publicly available information, scores their quality and relevance for the given job role enabling confident decision making.

Most other platforms primarily match skill keywords between resume and job description and offer a very low level skill check and no validation.ETA uses predictive algorithms to identify and validate not just current but future skills of every candidate screened through the platform. It does so by creating a career graph offering insights into the most likely skills and cultural preferences of the candidate.

Organizations can use Expertia Ai platform in three significant ways.

  • Launch their own Company Career Site in seconds.
  • Upload and Screen Resumes to find top candidates in the talent pool.
  • Source Candidates from multiple job boards in just one click.

Expertia AI is GDPR compliant and does not look at any uniquely identifiable data you upload onto the platform. No one besides you are and your organization has access to it.We however use the non identifiable data to train our algorithms to make our recommendations more accurate and suited to your needs

Yes. It is very easy to integrate Expertia Talent Advisor with your existing HR Management tools to find the best applicants to your job post or search your database of resumes within seconds.

Expertia AI is integrated with Free and Paid Job boards to source candidates for your job vacancies.

After creating a Job Post after selecting the SOURCE flow, just copy and paste a small line of embed code to your company site in the section. All applications will flow to your Expertia dashboard where you can screen to find the Top 10 applications.

Just click on SCREEN in your dashboard, upload the Job Description you need to screen the applications against and all the Resumes you need to screen. Within a few seconds you will find the Top 10 resume with their key skills listed.

On the web, you can screen 100 resumes in seconds.

You can screen millions of resumes in real time by integrating your platform/ database with Expertia AI. Write to us at to talk to us.

  • 1. Fee
    Except in case of Free Trials, all amounts associated with the User's Account are due in full and payable in advance (in the beginning of the Subscription Term) and in the manner described on the Website. All such amounts are based on the Subscription Plan chosen by the User.

  • 2. Payment Methods
    Fees may be paid by the User through various methods of payment provided for by Expertia through its Services.

  • 3. Refunds
    All Fees paid by the User are non-refundable. User acknowledges and agrees that no refunds shall be paid on account of opting out, cancellation, non-use or partial use of the Services.

  • 4. Taxes
    All amounts mentioned are inclusive of GST. The users have to handle at their end any other taxes as applicable. The User is responsible for paying all the applicable taxes. Expertia shall, if it has the legal obligation to do so, include such amounts in the Invoice.

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© 2024 Expertia AI. Copyright and rights reserved