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Skill-Focused Interviews

Choose skills to examine your strengths, aligning with your career objectives.

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Receive insights from top engineers, mirroring real industry benchmarks.

Targeted Growth Report

Get a concise feedback report detailing your strengths and improvement areas, vital for interview success and professional growth.



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50% off on 1st 100 interviews only

₹6000 ₹3000

Sample Report


Coding fundamentals

Data Structures and Algorithms


Eg. React, JS, HTML, CSS, Angular, Vue


Eg. Java, NodeJS, Python, GO, System design

Full Stack

Eg. MERN stack, MEAN stack, Python, Django

Data Science and Engg.

Eg. Python, R, Spark, Data Science Fundamentals

Mobile - Android

Eg. Kotlin, Java, Android Fundamentals

Mobile - iOS

Eg. Swift, iOS fundamentals


Eg. Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, Azure


Eg. Java Fundamentals, Jenkins, API Testing


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Will the mock interview include a coding or whiteboarding test?

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