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Head Of Business Development

Executive: More than 10 years
12L - 18L (Per Year)

About the Job


Business Development
  • Maintaining the facility and overseeing the daily administrative operations
  • Overseeing the cleaning, landscaping and parking teams
  • Instructing team members on the best practices to maintain the property
  • Creating and maintaining budgets for maintenance, repairs and contracts
  • Overseeing the closure of projects within the approved budget
  • Supporting a company's strategic objectives by driving Take Cost Out (TCO) initiatives
  • Ensuring coherent availability and utilisation of resources in areas like transport, canteen and waste disposal
  • Hiring external professionals for repairs for the building, equipment or machinery
  • Developing and maintaining a vendor base for a cost-efficient procurement of inventory
  • Overseeing communication and security frameworks within the facility
  • Ensuring the property meets local and industry-specific safety guidelines
  • Performing regular inspections to ensure the building is functioning correctly
  • Managing contracts for various construction and maintenance projects
  • Negotiating annual maintenance contracts and renewing insurances for maintenance
  • Maintaining records the facility, including maintenance bills and payment information

About the company

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