Senior Design Engineer
Bangalore , India
Mid-Level: 4 to 6 years
Posted on April 26 2023

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About the Job


design and planning
Mechanical Drawings

Create the planning program using the Bill of Quantities and the briefly listing the items, labour,charges of labour,etc that will be used, and the time required to accomplish the execution and meet the deadline date set by the project requirement.

 Prepare the technical submittal register and low side the technical submittal as per the requirement. 

Regularly visiting the site and see if the execution is meeting the program dates if there is delay find out the reason for same, if the delay is caused due to civil or consultant highlight that in a meeting and claim for time extension,

Prepare various strategies for all planning activities for projects. Maintain all asset investment plans and ensure compliance to capital expenditure.

Ensure accuracy for all operational requirements for projects and achieve all investment objectives.

Evaluate all system capacity and analyze all production requirement and system deficiencies.

Provide support to all operations and extension requests.

Develop required to enhance performance of planning projects. Recommend appropriate improvements and ensure optimal quality of all project schedules and evaluate reports.

Preparation and execution of plans. - Preparation of air distribution system for the complete design. - Preparation of BOQ for complete project.

Supervising and coordinating the preparation of cost/time impact studies in variations

Assist PM & Head of Planning to prepare the time extension claims and upgrade the WBS of time schedules.

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