Compensation Benefits Manager

Mid-Level: 4 to 6 years
Posted on Dec 07 2022

About the Job


Compensation & Benefits
Compensation Structures
Payroll Administration

·        Design a compensation package based on business goals and strategy.

·        Create a consistent compensation guideline that matches our work and organizational culture

·        Match and analyze C & B with relation to job descriptions / classifications

·        Apply effective communication strategies 

·        Assess employees needs by conducting organizational surveys( With relations to C & B)

·        Keep abreast with new trend and best practice in the filed

·        Ensure that compensation practices are in compliance with current laws and regulations

·        Conduct periodic audits, prepare and present reports

·        Ensuring compensation and benefits plans are cost-effective and competitive

·        Administering the organization’s benefits programs (e.g., retirement plans, leave policies, wellness programs, insurance policies, etc.)

·        Working with insurance brokers and benefits careers

·        Salary Grid & levels

·        Salary sheet restructuring(Tax friendly)

·        Addressing and supporting on time to employees related to C & B

·        Conduct salary and labor market research to define benchmarks.


Skills Required

  • Previous working experience as a compensation and benefits specialist for 5 -7  years
  • Prior experience in HR operations and knowledge of best practices
  • Assessing the organization’s pay structure
  • Strong with numbers: Compensation and benefits specialists tend to be numbers-oriented, as this career involves a great deal of quantitative analysis.
  • Analytically inclined: The HR compensation and benefits profession requires professionals with strong analytical capabilities, as they are required to analyze trends, surveys, and spreadsheets as to determine compensation and benefits strategies.
  • Detail-oriented: Compensation and benefits strategies are highly technical in nature, and the work involves a considerable amount of research and the interpretation of data. Therefore, compensation and benefits specialist must be detail-oriented as to understand how compensation fits into the overall objectives of the organization.
  • Great communication: Compensation and benefits specialists must be able to communicate effectively with employees and senior executives. They must also be comfortable presenting programs to employee groups and members of senior management.
  • Strong Ethics and Discretion: Because compensation and benefits managers deal with confidential information, they must be stewards of ethics and discrete when it comes to handling sensitive information.

·        Strong Finance knowledge.

·        Good time management skills.

·        Strong oral and written communication skills

·        Good in MS office.




About the company

Our core focus is to understand the need of our customers and then deliver it with perfection and for us, our client comes first.

Company Size

2-10 Employees