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Admin Manager

Date Posted : 15th Nov 2022
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Senior (7 to 10 years)
Rs. 100000 INR -Rs.820000 INR (PA)
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Job Description
Office Administration
Facility Management (FM)

Maintaining the facility and overseeing the daily administrative operations across all locations.

overseeing the cleaning, landscaping and parking teams

Instructing team members on the best practices to maintain the property across all locations.

creating and maintaining budgets for maintenance, repairs and contracts for all locations

supporting a company's strategic objectives by driving Take Cost Out (TCO) initiatives

ensuring coherent availability and utilisation of resources in areas like transport, canteen and waste disposal

hiring external professionals for repairs for the building, equipment or machinery

developing and maintaining a vendor base for a cost-efficient procurement of inventory

overseeing communication and security frameworks within the facility

ensuring the property meets local and industry-specific safety guidelines

performing regular inspections to ensure the building is functioning correctly

managing contracts for various construction and maintenance projects

negotiating annual maintenance contracts and renewing insurances for maintenance

maintaining records the facility, including maintenance bills and payment information

reviewing vouchers and ensuring the staff is not crossing the budget & in line with the policy

Managing the upkeep of equipment and supplies to meet health and safety standards

Maintaining and updating the Admin MIS dashboard.

Risk Management of Office Infrastructure - safety against theft, fire, burglary

Event Management : Identify venues for training/workshops, support in logistics, procurement of required m

Compliance Related to Office Administration : Drafting rental agreements, property tax, insurance

Office Administration : setting up of new office / systems / policies/ pricesses / manage and guide team /