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WebRTC Developer

Mid-Level: 4 to 6 years
5L - 10L (Per Year)

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WebRTC Developer
Signaling Server
TRUN Server
ICE Agent: Establishes peer-to-peer connectivity using STUN and TRUN.
Media Server (Optional)
Security: Understanding (TLS/SSL)
TCP/IP UDP WebScoket

Role: WebRTC Developer


Job Description:



We are seeking a talented WebRTC Developer to join our team and contribute to the development of real-time communication applications. As a WebRTC Developer, you will be responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining WebRTC-based solutions for audio, video, and data communication over the web.




·        Must have 2+yrs experience in WebRTC development, with a strong understanding of its protocols and APIs

·        Signaling Server: Facilitates session negotiation between peers.

·        STUN Server: Helps in discovering public IP addresses and NAT traversal.

·        TRUN Server: Relays media streams when direct connections fail.

·        ICE Agent: Establishes peer-to-peer connectivity using STUN and TRUN.

·        Media Server (Optional): Handles complex tasks like transcoding.

·        Security: Understanding of security best practices, including encryption (TLS/SSL), authentication, and authorization mechanisms.

·        Knowledge of networking protocols and concepts including TCP/IP, UDP, and WebSocket.

·        Experience with front-end frameworks such as React, Angular, or Vue.js.

·        Familiarity with server-side technologies such as Node.js for signaling and backend integration

·        Experience with media processing and manipulation libraries such as WebRTC Native APIs.

·        Strong problem-solving skills and ability to debug complex issues

·        Proficiency in JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS for web application development

·        These components work together to enable real-time communication in WebRTC applications using.


Job Responsibilities:


1. Design and develop WebRTC-based applications for real-time communication.

2. Implement audio and video streaming functionalities using WebRTC protocols.

3. Integrate WebRTC with existing web applications and platforms.

4. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define requirements and develop solutions.

5. Optimize WebRTC applications for performance, scalability, and reliability.

6. Troubleshoot and debug issues related to WebRTC communication.

7. Stay updated with the latest developments in WebRTC technology and standards.

8. Write clear and concise technical documentation for developed solutions.

9. Participate in agile development processes including sprint planning, daily stand-ups, and retrospectives.



Location: Chennai, India

Notice Period: Immediate or 30 days. 

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