District Program Manager



Spring HR
Washim, India
Mid-Level: 4 to 6 years
1000000 - 1500000 (Per Year)
Posted on June 20 2023

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About the Job



Urgently Hiring for a District Program Manager in Multiple Locations including Maharashtra,Gujarat,Andhra Pradesh,Odisha,Rajasthan etc.

Leading state level operations for the program.

Responsible for planning and delivery of

outcomes at state level.

 Planning. Developing of annual plans and

context specific strategies.

 Partnerships. Identify key local level

partnerships, forge and nurture collaborations for

leveraging resources (knowledge, financial and

human) for maximizing program results

 Mentoring. Providing mentoring and advisory

support to local community level organizations

such as FPOs, Gram Panchayats, SHGs as well

as operational partners and teams of line


Innovations. Facilitate pilot of innovations and

 Results. Accountable for delivering outcomes as

per plan and strategic direction for the district.

 Management. Managing with intervention leads

and state heads for necessary technical inputs

and guidance. Provide inputs on program level

SoPs and accordingly develop district SoPs

 Partnerships. Identify the potential partnerships

within RIL eco-system and external stakeholders

to further the work of the region and forge

working collaboration, promote networks

 Operations. Manage operations and funds at the

district level as per organizational processes

 Team Capacity Building. Organizing learning

events for district teams as well as teams of

operating partners and/or nominating team

demonstration of development models for

replication with in the region

 Key Events. Create or participate in district level

development platforms/events/programs

 Reporting. Ensure documentation and reporting

of deliverables, outcomes , best practices on

regular basis and any other data, information

and report related to cluster as desired by

concerned line manager.

 Monitoring. Due diligence of the partner

organizations as well as quality assurance,

handholding support and monitoring of the

program deliverables.

 Compliance. Adherence to the stipulated

systems and processes and on time and

accurate reporting

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