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SPG Consulting
India, India
Senior: 7 to 10 years
Posted on March 05 2023

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About the Job


1 Role** Pega Production Support Executive
verification of Java applications
using automated deployment tools

  1. Maintains Pega based applications in Production. Involved in Debugging, Maintenance of Pega applications.
  2. Support/Developer experience is must
  3. Triages production incidents and work to towards resolution
  4. Perform production deployments manually or using automated deployment tools
  5. Identify the impacts for applications for Infrastructure changes and prepare & execute mitigation plans.
  6. Perform validation & verification of Java applications/services after any changes
  7. Take part in incident review discussion with Business stakeholders
  8. Take part in discussions with Development & Operations teams on system improvement and stability of the components
  9. Identify system performance bottlenecks and Recommend solutions
  10. Take part in discussion with other Regional & Offshore teams for coordination
  11. Take part in Knowledge Sharing sessions from Development teams.
  12. At least 3 years experience in supporting Pega applications / services.

Desired Skills:


1)    Linux

2)    Java

3)    ITSM tool (ServiceNow)

4)    Splunk

5)    Database – Oracle and No-SQL DB like Mongo

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