Duty Doctor



Spandana Hospital
Bangalore, India
Junior: 1 to 3 years
35000 - 50000 (Per Month)
Posted on April 29 2023

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About the Job


Direct Patient Care
Duty doctor
Inpatient Care

  • To do assessment and to initiate immediate treatment
  • To take and note down history of patients
  • Detailed round of the ICU patient
  • To monitor vitals of inpatients, inform the vitals parameters, diagnostic investigation to concern senior doctor.
  • Entry in details of each & every patient
  • Informing consultants about patient’s admission, abnormal reports & progress
  • To ensure that the orders are well carried out by Paramedical staff
  • To treat non-complicated OPD patients
  • To carry out all orders of the consultants efficiently without any delay
  • To implement emergency management at his / her discretion.
  • To complete all documentation
  • To attend Code Blue
  • To complete and maintain electronic medical records of inpatient.
  • To maintain death regist

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