Insurance Coordinator



Spandana Hospital
Bangalore, India
Mid-Level: 4 to 6 years
18000 - 35000 (Per Month)
Posted on February 24 2023

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About the Job


Third Party Administration
Health Insurance

Adhere to enhanced infection control protocols and PPE requirements to reduce transmission of COVID-19

Study insurance plans used most frequently with patients to understand the various nuances to communicate more effectively

Document basic insurance information in the patient’s file for quick reference

Process and submit insurance claims daily

Monitor and follow-up on outstanding claims

Provide the appointment coordinator with patient names and amounts due, so effective collection over the counter can take place during the day

Identify patients in the daily schedule who are a financial concern, note payment problems on the patient’s chart, and arranges a conference with them either before or at the time of the appointment

Record all financial discussions with patients in their file

Contact patients who have not kept their financial agreement within a 5-day grace period to collect payment following the financial plan

Prepare and mails patients’ statements each month on a regular billing cycle

Make collection calls

Solidify the financial agreement with the patient, such as payment amount and schedule

Follow through with correspondence regarding collection when unable to contact the patient on the telephone

Prepare and send uncollected accounts to collections or small claims court with employer approval and follow through as needed

Represent employer in small claims court, if necessary

Monitor patients whom collection agencies have contacted

Send information as requested by insurance companies such as x-rays, charting, narratives, and other documentation for processing the claim when applicable

Provide insurance predetermination documentation to patients, contacts the patient to make financial arrangements, and schedules treatment

Correspond with insurance companies to resolve payment delays, requests for additional information, or to discuss denied treatment coverage

Handle all inquiries concerning insurance daily

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