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DevOps Engineer

Mid-Level: 4 to 6 years
9L - 15L (Per Year)

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Continuous Integration And Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
Amazon EKS
Amazon EC2

General Competency requirements - 1. Skills to understand, design and implement cloud infrastructure with important AWS services in various categories like compute, serverless, storage, databases, networking and security 2. Understand, design and implement networking architecture in AWS 3. Responsible for planning, designing and implementing technical architectural and engineering DevOps solutions for AWS hosted products along with managing infrastructure (including its security) effectively 4. Design, architect, and deliver DevOps & CI/CD solutions 5. Implement AWS automation through scripting (code as infrastructure) 6. Knowledge of scripting with python and bash shell, along with knowledge of Linux and Windows server Administration 7. Design and work on proof of concepts that can be demonstrated to the customer 8. Understand, design and implement logging, monitoring, alerting & notifications, resource tagging, audits, security, compliances, best practices, governance, proactive capacity & cost management, continuous reviews and improvements in AWS infrastructure 9. Contribute towards capability, competency building for team 10. Become customers trusted technical advisor and subject-matter expert 11. Strong collaboration skills for managing prospective clients as well as technical team 12. Strong oral and written communication skills 13. Excellent critical thinking and problem-solving skills, high motivation, good work ethic and maturity, ability to continuously learn and make decisions with minimal supervision Kubernetes/Containers competency

Requirements -

1. High-level understanding of networking standard protocols HTTP, DNS, TCPIP, ICMP, the OSI Model, Subnetting, VPC and Load Balancing etc. 2. Work with YAML and JSON file formats 3. Thorough knowledge of cloud-native development, experience with container technologies like Docker, understanding of microservice design and architectural patterns, familiar with complex event processing and event-driven architecture 4. Knowledge of internals of Kubernetes system, understanding of control plane and data plane in Kubernetes, experience on building Kubernetes cluster using low level native tools, and experience of cluster management using EKS-EC2, along with creating infrastructure as code for Kubernetes/EKS cluster 5. Experience with containers, micro services, deployment and service orchestration using Kubernetes and implementing CI/CD for workloads in Kubernetes/EKS 6. Experience in Serverless deployments, containerization (Docker), gateways, routes, networks, load balancing, ingress/egress, auto scaling, service mesh, API gateways, network proxies, DNS etc. in Kubernetes 7. Experience to work on a platform for monitoring, logging, and orchestration of docker applications running on Kubernetes. Experience in monitoring and analyzing system logs and RCA for site reliability and performance 8. Experience of security, access control, secrets management, control plane management, network polices and workload segmentation with EKS/Kubernetes 9. Integration of AWS Services with containerized workload running in Kubernetes/EKS 10. Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) and/or Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) is a plus

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