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Java Developer

Mid-Level (4 to 6 years)
Posted on May 09 2022

About the Job


Job Summary:

To drive and translate our client's business problems into innovative technology solutions by creating and owning the technical vision of the project and ensuring that the vision is achieved with a high level of quality. He is also responsible for mentoring and coaching people and providing technology-related thought leadership, including supporting sales activities.

Primary Responsibilities:

Responsible for programming as well as the design of the project and working with the design team and clients to create the needed artifacts.

Represent the organization in customer-facing communication as well as interact with multiple clients (client senior developers and architects) to create technology specifications from the business issues/requirements at an application level pertinent to Sapients technical expertise on the specific platform.

Responsible for choosing the needed technology stack based on the functional, non-functional requirements and based on other factors like client drivers, environment, and feasibility

High-level grouping of responsibilities (broken down into tasks/activities) that a given role needs to perform in order to be successful.

Experience Guidelines:

1. Core Java Fundamentals: Collections & Data Structures/Algorithms, Serialization, Java8/9 Features & Usage, Multithreading, Core Java Other features used(XML/JSON Parsing, util, batch, File, IO, etc), Garbage collection, Memory management

2. MicroServices

3. Anyone with a maximum of 60 days of NP

Demonstrates the following attributes (in addition to previous-level attributes):

* Experience in creating continuous integration, automated build & deployment strategy.

* Experience and complete understanding of domain-driven design and development methodologies.

* Knows and recommends architectural Advantages of SOAP vs REST vs Micro Services.

* Experience in Event-Based vs Message-Based Microservices development style. Recommends architectural advantages.

* Experience in API Gateway, Partial Failures, Circuit Breaker.

* Experience in Discovery Service, Client-Side Discovery, Server Side Discovery.

* Experience in Service Registry strategies Self Registration and 3rd Party Registration.

* Experience in Distributed Transactions in Microservices.

* Experience in Load balancing microservices e.g. using Ribbon.

* Experience in logging and monitoring microservices.

* Documentation of API-like swagger for microservices.

* Experience in OpenAPI as it is now an industry standard.

* Know about What is a Service Mesh Architecture and Why is it needed?

* Knows about How Does a Service Mesh Work and where does that layer live?

* Knows and is aware of Service Mesh Pros and Cons and the use cases it would fit in vs not.

* Experience in writing test cases for a family of services communicate with each other with shared storage.

* Experience in writing test cases for multi-service failures.

4. Database: (RDBMS / Any NoSQL), Rest fundamentals for API creation, Cloud Managed Services(AWS, GCP, AZURE, Pivotal, etc.), Performance fine-tuning (Connection pooling, threads, SQL query, scaling challenges, etc..)

5. SOLID design principles and its applicability - Caching (EH Cache, Radis, etc.), Oops (general principal

6. Understanding of Design patterns (Creational, Structural, Behavioral) and its applicability - Creational Patterns(Singleton, Factory etc.), Structural Patterns (Façade, Composite, etc.), Behavioural Patterns(Command, Mediator, Observer, etc.),

7. Tooling & Framework - Experience with cloud (Any of AWS/Azure/GCP), Spring(Modules and usage), Web (Sockets/Html/JS,UI etc.), Docker & Contrainerization, Profiler and Monitoring(ELK, Dynatrace, grafana, Jprofiler, Visual VM etc)

Desired Skills (Nice to have, but not mandatory):

Apache Kafka,

Distributed computing,

Building scalable systems,

UX areas like ReactJS, NodeJS, Webflux etc.

Strategic thinking is preferred over tactical thinking.

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