Student Counselor



Junior (1 to 3 years)
Posted on Nov 21 2022

About the Job


Student Counseling
Counseling Psychology


  • Counseling students of the institute one on one
  • Discussing the emotional problems of the student and giving solutions to overcome it
  • Discussing issues like social conflicts faced by the students or reasons for their poor academic performance
  • Conducting psychological tests of the students in order to assess their strengths as well as interests
  • Identifying the weaknesses of the student and suggesting ways to overcome it
  • Giving advice to the student in order to achieve his goal
  • Working with students in groups and giving directions during a presentation
  • Coordinating with teachers and parents to inform them about the issues of the students

Student Counselor Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications required in order to work as a student counselor are as follows:

  • Must be caring in nature
  • Ability to understand human psychology
  • Needs to be an active listener
  • Must have the ability to give feedback
  • Necessary to possess excellent communication skills
  • Must be open to feedback

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Pedagogy Consulting aims at providing Global education consultancy services through Recruitments, Conferencing,Networking & Trainings. We intend to make learning more meaningful and engaging in all the schools and colleges across the world. Recruitment has been a challenge for mostly all. Education is the core job of the institutions, We have been sourcing teaching and non-teaching staff for ...Show More



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