AVP Tech



Mid-Level (4 to 6 years)
1L - 30L (Per Year)
Posted on Dec 15 2022

About the Job


5 + years of Javascript ecosystem
computer science degree
Product design

About the role:

We are hiring a Rockstar AVP of Engineering to mentor and lead the growing Sova technology and product teams. If you are passionate about technology, love building delightful products, and thrive on working in high-growth environments, then this is your chance to build something impactful with Sova. We believe that startup life isn't about functional silos, it is about solving problems. And so, we are looking for great problem-solvers who get excited by the thought of cracking something new every day!

Key Responsibilities:

Your primary area of responsibility would be to work with the founders in building and enhancing the Sova Technology Platform. You will have end-to-end product ownership of what you are building and how you are building. A growth-hacker mindset is a prerequisite to handling the uncertainty, and tackling evolving challenges efficiently, that come with this role. You are expected to

  • Plan the technology/ product roadmap for Sova, based on business priorities
  • Mentor and lead your team to deliver on the above roadmap
  • Make informed architectural, design, and technology choices
  • Hire your teammates, when needed
  • Based on your personal interest and career aspirations, you can contribute across verticals, and learn entrepreneurship with the founders as your mentor.


This role expects a flexible entrepreneurial mindset with a passion for innovation and solving real-world problems. Your experience as a team player with a demonstrable ability to learn quickly and get things done is instrumental. A proven track record of entrepreneurial experience is a great qualification. On the conventional side, the following are the minimum requirements:

  • Degree in Computer Science or a related field
  • 5+ years of experience building production systems in the javascript ecosystem
  • Strong understanding of Javascript, NodeJS, React, and MySQL
  • Experience with build, release, and deployment processes on AWS
  • Any prior experience in user experience design or product design, is great to have

About the company

Relevant, Personalized, and Intuitive - 3 essential factors for your business growth! ✨ Everyone in the Business Sector wants to grow and thrive in their company! But how to stand out? 🤔 Well, you have to reach the target audience, have a proper strategy to make them convert, and also, you need to have proper control over your time! 🕐 So, how to reach the potential prospects? We ...Show More

Company Size

2-10 Employees



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