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Project manager should have experience in using Microsoft project to plan, manage and track projects, including budgeting and resource allocation. They should also have strong leadership skills, with the ability to build strong relationships with project stakeholders, create an effective working environment, and ensure successful execution. Finally, they must possess strong communication and problem-solving skills to resolve challenges and optimize project results. Having Microsoft Technology knowledge- .Net, Sharepoint, Power Platform is good.

For survey

1. Technical Expertise: It is important for a project manager to have extensive technical knowledge and experience in order to understand the technical aspects of the project.

2. Communication Skills: Being able to effectively communicate with team members, clients and other stakeholders is critically important for a project manager.

3. Leadership: Effective project managers must be able to lead the team and manage the project in a way that will ensure success.

4. Management: Project managers must be able to plan and manage the project in an organized and efficient manner.

5. delegating tasks: It is important for a project manager to be able to delegate tasks to team members in an effective manner.

6. Problem-solving: Project managers need to be able to anticipate and solve problems that come up during the life cycle of the project.

7. Documentation: Most projects need to be effectively documented. A project manager must be well-versed in creating documentation for the project.

8. Risk Management: Being able to anticipate and manage risks associated with a project is an important skill for a project manager.

Skills on project

1. Familiarity with the Microsoft Project Online Interface: Project Online provides a powerful, yet easy-to-use interface for managing projects. Being familiar with project creation, task creation, scheduling tools, collaboration tools, and reporting will enable you to effectively use the online capabilities.

2. Project Tracking: Ability to track and monitor progress in an online environment, understanding of what milestones have been met, tasks that are on-time, tasks that are at risk, and other critical metrics.

3. Resource Management: Understanding of the resources needed to complete a project and their availability, reviews of resource utilization to ensure optimal use of resources throughout projects, and means of tracking resource availability.

4. Collaboration Tools: Specifically, the use of SharePoint to allow teams to work collaboratively on documents, spreadsheets, and other project documents within the Project Online environment.

5. Reporting and Dashboards: Ability to develop reports and dashboards as required from within the Project Online environment, including the ability to incorporate data from other systems into the reports.

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