Junior (1 to 3 years)
Posted on Jul 25 2022

About the Job


·        Job competence.

·        Quality and Safety consciousness.

·        Commitment & initiative.

·        Initiative, punctuality & learning,

·        Adherence to work ethics, dependability.

·        Interpersonal relations.           

·        Team work, 

·        Communication,

·        Positive & empathetic attitude

·        Computer Skills & Knowledge

·        To get oriented to the ward routines, equipment and type of patients.

·        Prepare nursing care plans and render effective bedside nursing care in a professional way.

·        Administer on time medications and therapies.

·        To ensure that all investigations are carried out as advised by the doctor, reports available on time for doctor’s perusal and further advice.

·        To assist the doctors in special procedures, dressings and rounds.

·        To maintain the medical and nursing records of patients as per the institutional requirements and that of the treating consultants.

·        To raise requisitions on the computer for drugs.

·        To ensure diet and investigation slips are raised.

·        Maintain personal, patients and environmental hygiene.

·        To check and record vital signs legibly and promptly.

·        To be aware and implement accordingly all protocols in the unit as hand washing, infection control, medications, narcotic policy, ICU, personal valuables, etc.

·        To handle with care and with knowledge all gadgets used in patient care in the wards.

·        To handle waste segregation and disposal as per the policy.

·        To follow strictly all safety measures involved in patient care and self-protection.

·        To maintain a cordial inter personal relationship within the unit and with support departments.

·        To take over and handover properly at change of shifts.

·        To be aware of the patient rights and preserve the same.

·        Attend in-service programs and trainings to enhance knowledge.

·        To ensure strict discipline and decorum at all times.

·        To fill up the Nursing Assessment Guide within 24 hrs of patient’s admission.

·        To ensure that the patient is comfortable and implement safety measures for vulnerable patients as per the policy.

·        To review the doctor’s notes and the drug chart on admission and implement action as required.

·        To raise pharmacy indents, check on receipt, and stock in the patient’s bedside locker and medication trolley.

·        To administer drugs according to ‘Drug Administration Policy.’

  • To identify two patient identifiers before administering medicines.
  • Medications to be administered during standard medication timings unless a stat order is written.
  • To administer dangerous medicines counter checked by a second nurse for the ‘six medication rights’ and complete documentation policy.
  • To be aware and implement accordingly the policies with respect to ‘Medications brought by patient’ and ‘self administration by patients.’

·        To observe the patient to ensure safe medication / adverse reactions. In case of ADR the respective form to be filled.

·        Any errors in medication / nursing intervention to be brought immediately to the notice of the Charge nurse or Nursing supervisor.

·        To complete the transfer formalities as per the In-house Transfer Policy.

·        To be aware of the following measures i.e. Infection Control, Barrier Nursing, Patient and Self Safety, End of Life Issues, and Effective Management of Information to maintain confidentiality of information – medical / personal – of patients and ensures implementation.

  • To avoid any violation of confidentiality of information e.g. no discussion of patient identifiable information in public areas.
  • No verbal orders from Doctors to be taken by Nurses except in emergency and for diet which should later be followed by a written order.

·        To maintain a register to record all blood and blood products wasted / discarded on the floors.

·        To complete the preoperative checklist before sending the patient to operation theatre.

·        Role of a neonatal nurse is specific and particular, as the neonate remains dependent on care providers for his physical needs. Each area of care for neonate is different from adults.

·        For example:

·        Feeding

·        Position

·        Medication dosage (i.e. according to weight and body surface)

·        To have thorough knowledge on gestational age assessment, and the special problems of the premature, post-mature, small for gestational age, large for gestational age newborn.

·        To follow universal precaution as per the unit protocol.

·        To assist the doctors in the management of the asphyxiated newborn, including resuscitation and stabilization.

·        To be fully aware of the APGAR score and APGAR scoring performed.

·        To ensure safety and security of neonates by adapting safety measures.

·        To assist the doctors in the following procedures with properly set procedure trolleys.

·        Venopuncture

·        Endotracheal intubation

·        Catheterization of umbilical artery and vein.

·        Peripheral I.V. and arterial line insertion.

·        ICD insertion

·        Lumbar puncture

·        To encourage, educate and assist mothers in breastfeeding.

·        To prepare artificial feed with strict aseptic technique as per the doctor’s written instruction.

·        To handle with care and with knowledge all gadgets used in patient care.

·        To have thorough knowledge on I.V. fluid and drug calculation.

·        Responsible for checking and recording daily weight of the baby.

·        Responsible for monitoring and maintaining normal oxygen saturation level.

·        To accompany the baby during transportation

·        To give reassurance and health education to the attendant on breastfeeding, Formula feeding, safety measures, and effect of medication.

·        To obtain signature from the parents (father or mother) at the time of discharge that they have received their baby.

·        To perform patient and family education.

·        To be aware of NABH standards and implement the same.

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