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Metal Fabrication Engineer

Senior: 7 to 10 years
8L - 15L (Per Year)

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Mechanical Engineering
Metal Fabrication
Sheet Metal
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Job Title: Fabrication Engineer

Summary/Objective: The Fabrication Engineer will be responsible for planning, designing, and overseeing the manufacturing processes involved in metal fabrication. This role involves creating detailed plans, selecting appropriate materials, and ensuring the quality and efficiency of the fabrication process.


1. Design and Planning: Develop detailed plans, blueprints, and specifications for metal structures or components using CAD software.

2. Material Selection: Choose appropriate metals based on mechanical properties, cost-effectiveness, and application requirements.

3. Fabrication Techniques: Employ various fabrication techniques such as welding, cutting, bending, and machining to shape and assemble metal parts.

4. Process Optimization: Continuously improve fabrication processes to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure quality standards are met.

5. Quality Assurance: Monitor and maintain quality control throughout the fabrication process to ensure products meet industry standards and specifications.

6. Collaboration: Work closely with cross-functional teams including designers, other engineers, and production personnel to optimize designs and streamline manufacturing processes.

7. Problem Solving: Identify and address challenges during fabrication, finding innovative solutions to overcome obstacles and improve processes.

8. Documentation: Maintain accurate documentation of fabrication processes, including specifications, drawings, and quality assurance records.

Qualifications and Skills:

• Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, or related field.

• Proficiency in CAD software for design and drafting.

• Strong understanding of metal fabrication techniques and processes.

• Knowledge of materials, properties, and their applications in fabrication.

• Problem-solving skills and ability to troubleshoot technical issues.

• Excellent communication skills and ability to work in a team environment.

• Prior experience in a fabrication or manufacturing environment preferred.

Additional Information: This role may require occasional travel, hands-on work in a manufacturing environment, and the ability to work flexible hours to meet project deadlines or address production issues.

Company Culture: Describe the company culture and values, emphasizing teamwork, innovation, commitment to quality, etc., to give candidates an idea of the workplace environment.

Location: On -Site - Hyderabad, Telangana, India

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