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Senior Sous Chef_ Chocolate Kitchen

Senior (7 to 10 years)
6L - 1Cr (Per Year)

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Sous Chef
Executive Sous Chef
Chocolate Kitchen
Kitchen Management
Pastry Chef

Sous Chef | Chocolate

Is tasked with the overview of the chocolate kitchen, making sure that the demands of the service are met, the ingredients are stocked and the team is working as per established SOPs.

Core Responsibilities:-

It is the primary responsibility for the Sous Chef to assist the Executive/Head chef in direction and management of store operations and associates. Assure proper preparation of all chocolate items and day-to-day chocolate production and operations. Must also be able to perform the duties of the Executive Pastry Chef in his/her absence.

Operational and administrative responsibilities:-

● Hire, train and supervise CDP’s and commi’s in conjunction with the head chef.

● Should carry experience in leading a team of 3-5 chef’s including CDP and commi chef.

● Plan efficient kitchen operations to keep up with the demand of the orders.

● Train CDP’s and Commis in following SOPs provided by the company and optimize them for efficiency.

● Ensure the kitchen meets high standards in quality and hygiene

● Order raw materials, negotiate with suppliers as and when necessary.

● Manage inventory and keep control of stock

● Ensure the cleanliness and hygiene standards are maintained

● Document, maintain AMC dates of all equipment and ensure to renew the AMC from time to time.

● Proficient in MS excel & word to document production work as and when required.

Development responsibilities:-

● Creating and monitoring the preparation of all variants of chocolates

● Work closely with the head chef in creating special occasions menus.

● Keeps abreast of the latest industry trends and developments and use them in creating special occasions menu.

● Knowledge of raw materials, production processes, quality control, costs, and other techniques for maximizing the effective production.

● Having extensive knowledge involving the history, flavor, texture and other properties of chocolate in order to properly create chocolates and candies.

● Knowledge of how to decorate confections using all types of decorating materials (i.e. spray gun, transfer sheets, writing skills on confections etc).

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