Dentist with marketing experience



Junior (1 to 3 years)
4L - 6L (Per Year)
Posted on May 04 2022

About the Job


What we are looking for:

· A Doctor with strong medical and communication skills.

· Should be active on social media and comfortable using computers.


· BDS with prior marketing experience

· High learning capability with presence of mind

· Experience in dentistry (1 years) or more

What You’ll be doing:

Primary Role

· Demonstrate the value of VELscope and DNA Ploidy to Dentist, Surgeons, Pathologists and Doctors

· Answer and clarify customers’ questions

· VELscope and DNA Ploidy Demos and Installation

· Build relationship with customer

· Build and manage VELscope owners club

Secondary Role/Responsibility:

· Assist with VELscope inventory management

· Train customers in patient communication skills

· Conduct continuous Medical Education programs

· Reasonable work associated with the Lab


· Rigorous training will be provided

· Certification will be issued upon successful completion

Compensation and Benefits

· Break up:

o Base salary: base salary starting from 25,000 INR/month

(will be negotiated as per your competence, current income level and future outlook)

o Commissions: Per device installation and customer success bonus

· Working hours:

o Min. 1-2 doctor calls/day

o Time – 8.30 am to 5:30 pm

o Sunday holiday

o You can select any of the 14 holidays for religious reasons granted per year

o 1 earned leave for every 20 days of work (holiday with wage)

o You can combine your earned leaves and take them together with 30 days advance notice

o Sick leaves are granted on case by case basis with doctor’s note

o This is not a sales job, your job is to educate the customer

Culture where you will be working:

· Applicant must own his/her work

· Good prospecting and qualifying are a prerequisite

· Should be a good communicator and active on social media

· Must uphold brand value: You are the medical contact

· No compromise with our core values

o Honesty

o Transparency

o Integrity

· Your work saves lives. Take it seriously.

· You must respect your co-workers and treat them with human respect and dignity

Why Life Scanners:

Life Scanners is world #1 cells and tissue imaging company working with world leaders, empowering health care institutions and professionals with state of the art technologies to #savelives.

Our Mission:

We believe that no man or woman should suffer or die to preventable cancer. We inspire families and empower doctors to reduce the risk of major disease and significantly improve cancer survival rate. #SaveLives

Our Commitment:

We are committed to helping doctors to succeed. We work hard to support their evolving needs, as well as the needs of the patients they serve.

  • We are in the business of saving lives
  • Millions are dying needlessly, and simple solutions exist to prevent family disasters
  • Fastest way for any person to become poor or never become financially independent is unexpected family health bills
  • Our founder is a US trained economist and financier, he has dedicated his entire life to solving this major problem through simple solutions.
  • Aha! Yea, look the biggest bang for the buck is prevention of disease, so that’s the area we focus in and its super easy using cells and tissue imaging.
  • Because we catch disease on a molecular level, years before visible symptoms.

Saving life is most exciting job.We save many lives and its absolutely beautiful.

We are hyper selective, we are entirely focused on putting together people with established track record of success, so what do you want to share with us?

About the company

Life Scanners Health Care is a health technology company focused on preventing serious disease by applying various technologies from the worlds best. We are partnered with Motic & British Columbia Cancer Agency and technology is developed by BC cancer research agency, Canada regarded as the world's most influential cancer research institution. We work with the worlds most respected Doctors a ...Show More



Company Size

11-50 Employees