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Penetration Tester

Date Posted : 2nd Aug 2022
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Senior (7 to 10 years)
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Role=Penetration testers (who simulate cyberattacks in order to identify and report security flaws on computer systems, networks and infrastructure, including internet sites)


5 to 10 year preferably in banking domain


As a penetration tester, you'll understand complex computer systems and technical cyber security terms. You'll need to:

• work with clients to determine their requirements from the test, for example the number and type of systems they would like testing

• plan and create penetration methods, scripts and tests

• carry out remote testing of a client's network or onsite testing of their infrastructure to expose weaknesses in security

• simulate security breaches to test a system's relative security

• create reports and recommendations from your findings, including the security issues uncovered and level of risk

• advise on methods to fix or lower security risks to systems

• present your findings, risks and conclusions to management and other relevant parties

• consider the impact your 'attack' will have on the business and its users

• understand how the flaws that you identify could affect a business, or business function, if they're not fixed.


You'll need to have:

• an in-depth understanding of computer systems and their operation

• excellent spoken and written communication to explain your methods to a technical and non-technical audience

• attention to detail, to be able to plan and execute tests while considering client requirements

• the ability to think creatively and strategically to penetrate security systems

• good time management and organizational skills to meet client deadlines

• ethical integrity to be trusted with a high level of confidential information

• the ability to think laterally and 'outside the box'

• teamwork skills, to support colleagues and share techniques

• exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills and the persistence to apply different techniques to get the job done

• business skills to understand the implications of any weaknesses you find

• commitment to continuously updating your technical knowledge base.