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Business Development Manager

Date Posted : 22nd Sep 2022
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Junior (1 to 3 years)
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Job Description

Fundamental Skills for Business Development Managers

Aspiring business development managers need a variety of hard and soft skills. Examples include communication, organizational, time-management, and technical and computer skills, as well as drive and self-motivation.

Communication skills: Business development managers must be able to communicate with clients of all backgrounds and educational levels. Well-developed written and verbal communication skills are must-haves for professionals who work in this field.

Organizational skills: Professionals who choose this career path must be comfortable juggling numerous clients, on- and off-site meetings, and deadlines. Individuals who are highly organized are best equipped to manage the many parts of the job and keep client proposals and other tasks on track.

Time-management skills: Business development managers must understand how to prioritize their time. Individuals who work in this field must be comfortable managing a calendar and adjusting their schedule as needed.

Technical and computer skills: Most organizations use a sales content management system (CMS) to track leads and client calls and document where each prospect is in the sales cycle. Aspiring business development managers must have basic technical and computer skills.

Drive and self-motivation: The most successful business development managers are goal-oriented and commission-driven. Professionals who have drive and motivation will push themselves to succeed.

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