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Server Support Engineer

Date Posted : 20th Jun 2022
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Junior (1 to 3 years)
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Technical Skills

Business Skills

§ Broad technical knowledge on ISS solutions, ISS and accessories

§ Technical knowledge and experience on server management software tools

§ Knowledge of remote deployment programs and monitoring processes and concepts.

§ Strong 2nd Line skills on Proliant servers, typically employed in many SAN implementations.

§ Technical knowledge of network switches

§ Windows Server Operating Systems and their integration with Fiber channel HBA, also Windows

§ Server Clustering in SAN and switched SCSI environments.

§ Connecting Blade Servers into SAN infrastructures.


§ Demonstrate strong written and verbal communication skills 

§ Demonstrate business judgment, decision making skills, negotiating skills, time-resource management, complex problem solving, in-depth product knowledge, creativity, teamwork, knowledge of quality processes, political astuteness and sensitivity in dealing with diverse cultures and ability to learn quickly. 

§ Experience in interacting/Supporting Level 1 Support teams and customers

§ Must be a team player and show ability and willingness to motivate and support other engineers

§ Must have a ‘Service and Support’ mind-set


Essential Skills

Customer handling skills

§ Industry Standard Servers (Proliant, Blades & SL)

§ Broad technical knowledge on Windows, Linux.

§ Knowledge of attached and networked storage hardware and concepts 

§ Demonstrate an in depth understanding of several products in more than one functional area involving usage, configuration, and interaction with other products.

§ Affinity with hardware related support processes

§ Ability to work in a 24x7 Environment

§ Demonstrates high level of technical & account management communication skills and expertise in communicating with customers & internal organization.

§ Adds Customer Expectation management as part of the Escalation process and be able to isolate obscure problems of unknown origin.

§ Manages the solution process with high management attention in a complex environment.

§ Takes responsibility for delivery processes such as end-to-end problem ownership solutions.

§ Leads high level cross organizational customer orientated projects