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Sales Engineer

Date Posted : 23rd Jun 2022
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Mid-Level (4 to 6 years)
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Job Description: -- Sales Engineer --

Education – Graduate with 3/5 Years of exp in the same field

In charge of Marketing & Sales in Chennai 

Determines sales forecast for her /his field of responsibility, including volume, revenue, gross 

margin, consumables, service fees and cash collection. 

Achieves sales targets 

Thinks about constant efficiency and profitability improvement. 

Selects, negotiates and manages distributors in his / her region 

Coordinates in her region the activity of distributors with that of key accounts and direct customers 

Ensures prompt payments, keeps DSO under control 

Runs the appointment and evaluation of the sales force, constantly verify its cost-benefit balance .

Ensures the efficiency of the entire sales organization, at an optimal cost benefit ratio. Ensures 

appropriate discipline and ethical behavior. Carefully manages expenses 

Takes over responsibility from Production for machines, spare parts and consumables, from the 

moment they are released for Sales in his territory. Among others, is responsible for the phase of 

transportation between factory and customer.

Liaises with C/S Manager to ensure an excellent service to our machines and the satisfaction of the 

end users. 

Follow up on a good delivery of consumables through our own organization 

Set up a Central Sales Administration, ensuring the necessary control and administrative support, a 

low DSO and a prompt money recovery.

Ensures a smooth coordination with production department: lowest possible stock, weekly / 

monthly sales forecast adjustment, flexibility in case of shortage.

Participates to promotional events, trade fairs, Clean India show. 

Suggests adequate promotional material: videos, brochures, leaflets, etc. Contributes material to 

website & social networks. 

Ensures a good cooperation with marketing and development, in order to conceive, adapt and test 

the new products. 

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