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Mobile Engineer

Date Posted : 6th May 2022
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Mid-Level (4 to 6 years)
Rs. 3000000 INR -Rs.4000000 INR (PA)
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  • 3-8 yrs of experience in building high quality apps, and end-to-end for Android and iOS.
  • Solid foundation in programming
  • Ensures architecture and code quality that's extendible — packages, mobile+desktop apps
  • Understands performance and device-specific issues
  • Implement best practices
  • Great taste in UI and UX

Key Responsibilities

  • Fluent in Java/Kotlin or Swift, and willing to learn Flutter
  • Build and deploy product features end to end
  • Setting up frameworks to track user analytics, performance and error reporting — GA, hotjar, Sentry, etc.
  • Automate build and testing process — Fastlane CI/CD, screenshot testing, etc.
  • Participate in product and design ideation to bring high-quality features to the users
  • Shape along the tech culture in the org, as we grow