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Principal Engineer - Data

Date Posted : 30th Apr 2022
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Executive (10+ years)
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  • Spearhead technical initiatives to design-build and deliver a comprehensive data platform at a tremendous scale
  • Put into practice core technical concepts in ETL, storage, retrieval, governance, and observability of data during the entire lifecycle of the platform.
  • Design a data platform that can adapt to blazing-fast streaming workloads as well as batch workloads.
  • Architect comprehensive data solutions that serve the need of our customer-facing analytics and observability which includes
  • Ingestion systems bring in data from IoT infrastructure and more
  • Capabilities to bring in and make available dynamic data points and dimensions that may be used with all use cases as quickly as possible.
  • Large scale monitoring and alerting systems built on top of the data platform
  • Highly flexible and fast data retrieval capabilities to power customers fleet analytics and debugging capabilities
  • Build all of these systems to be used in multi-tenant use cases with strict controls on access to data and its granularity.
  • Deliver business intelligence to management, sales, customer success, and product teams to enable these teams to react quickly to data that matters to them by
  • Designing ETL systems that can work with multiple data sources both internal and external that including Kafka, major databases/stores, third-party solutions like google analytics, salesforce, Hubspot, etc.
  • Building highly functional and flexible data discovery, lineage, and joining capabilities on the data platform.
  • Delivering capabilities that enable these teams to schedule and notify on specific conditions that they set on the data, for their plethora of requirements on the data platform.

What will you need to get this done?

  • 10+ years of experience building data platforms with strong basic concepts in the field of Data Engineering and Big Data, including but not limited to data warehousing, data lakes, streaming analytics, batch processing, state management, lineage, governance, and discoverability of data.
  • Hands-on experience with data engines like Apache Spark, Apache Flink, and Apache Druid, their design considerations, their limitations, and their advantages over each other.
  • Practical expertise in architecture patterns like Lambda and Kappa, and strong basic skills in concepts like querying and optimizations, data lineage, data governance, and democratization of the data platform for multiple teams to easily adopt and onboard their analytical requirements - both internal and customer-facing use cases.
  • Strong background in architecting and building ETL/ELT pipelines for generic ingestion at scale along with practical experience implementing concepts of OLAP engines, data warehouses, and data lakes.
  • Strong technical leadership skills to work with a well-established product team, adhering to processes and concepts that help build the data platform with a considerable degree of flexibility and superb reliability.