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Production Engineer

Date Posted : 1st Aug 2022
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Junior (1 to 3 years)
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Planned and scheduled personnel and materials, delegating work effectively.

➢ Diagnosed product needs and solved problems quickly efficiently.

➢ Encouraged a conscientious effort to work as team,in order to produce a good quality and salable product

➢ Skilled in organizing a smooth flow of people and material on daily basis.

➢ Committed to total quality control system.

➢ Trained new operators for production and teaching awareness of safety, quality and targets.

➢ Improve the operator’s skills and meet customer satisfaction.

➢ Conducting a daily review meets regards customer complaints, production, quality and developing of new projects.

➢ Knowledge of using and maintaining the basic measuring instruments like vernier caliper, micrometer, height master, height gauge and commonly used different types of gauges.

➢ Maintaining accurate and detailed numerical records.

➢ Knowledge of quality standards like 5s, kaizen, kanban, 3c.

➢ Knowledge of cycle time and line balancing concept and lean manufacturing.

➢ Involved in IATF 16949 documents

➢ Job allocation for manpower

➢ Avoid line stoppages hence increase the machine utilization.

➢ Following 3c, 5S and there improvements.