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Medcity International Academy

PTE Trainer

Date Posted : 21st Sep 2022
Junior (1 to 3 years)
Education Management
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Job Description

·        Be up-to-date on the latest tools and resources needed to improve employee training and performance.

·         The trainer will also be responsible for researching and selecting the best platform to deliver and utilize training materials.

·        Consult with other trainers, managers, and leadership

Position Objective

·       Prepare lesson plans for daily delivery of lesson plans.

·       Ensure class attendance with constant motivation of students.

·       Conduct tests as and when required. Record & report the progress of each student to the team leader.

·       Ensure updated lesson delivery and satisfaction of students.

·       Ensure results in all tests.

·       In case of students with severe learning difficulties, inform the team leader and make required arrangements.

·       In case a student is marked absent for two continuous days, immediately bring to the notice of team leaders.

·       In case of special requests from a student (extension of class, taking a break from class etc.), the same need to be reported to team leader.

·       Maintain record of student results is tests conducted internally.