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Occupational Therapist

Date Posted : 23rd Sep 2022
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Junior (1 to 3 years)
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Job Description

Occupational Therapist Job Description:

We are searching for a flexible, resourceful occupational therapist to join our team. The Occupational therapist's responsibilities include performing Client’s assessments, developing individual treatment plans, liaising family members and other healthcare professionals, administering therapy and monitoring progress, and ensuring clients and their families are informed of new treatments and therapy techniques. You should also be able to work with clients from different backgrounds.


Occupational Therapist responsibilities and duties

  • Conduct Client assessments and evaluations to determine their physical condition, limitations, medical histories and personal goals
  • Communicate with physicians and other health care providers to confirm plans of care
  • Advise family members and other supportive individuals about the level of care the Client needs
  • Provide occupational therapy guidance, support and education during Client sessions
  • Teach Clients how to interact with adaptive technology
  • Show Clients how to install/use assistive devices
  • Assist Clients with purchasing products to help them achieve their goals
  • Guide clients through graded activities
  • Generate reports for Clients and their physicians and families

Occupational Therapist qualifications and skills:

  • Bachelors/Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy required
  • 1+ years’ experience providing occupational therapy to seniors
  • Willingness to participate in continued education courses
  • Compassionate and caring demeanour