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Python - Full Stack Developer

Date Posted : 23rd Jun 2022
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Mid-Level (4 to 6 years)
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Duties and Responsibilities: 


§ Developing internal APIs and UIs for internal users

§ Developing, testing, and deploying changes to various services within our system

§ Ensuring project dependencies are reliably upgraded, tested, and deployed

§ Developing and designing new UIs and interactions in our user facing applications

§ Deploying applications in docker images into AWS Fargate using CI/CD


Required Qualifications:


§ Bachelor's degree (Computer Science, Engineering, etc.) or industry experience

§ At least 3-5 years of Software Development experience

§ Experience with a continuous integration and delivery model of deploying software

§ Experience with cloud platforms, open-source databases and caching layers

§ Confident working with Python/HTML/CSS/JS

§ Ability to work independently and as part of a team


Preferred Qualifications:


§ Experience with *nix systems, bash/zsh, and ssh

§ Using git to collaborate on and developing projects

§ Confident in HTML/CSS/JS

§ Developing APIs using Django/GraphQL and Python 3

§ Developing UIs using ReactJS/Relay/Typescript/etc.

§ Using Docker to build and run containers

§ Confidence with using Postgres and SQL to perform queries, identify bottlenecks, and optimize services.

§ Familiarity with RelayJS is a plus

§ Experience with GraphQL is a plus

§ Experience with RabbitMQ is a plus

§ Experience with Redis is a plus

§ Experience with ElasticSearch is a plus

§ Working knowledge of software development methodologies including IaaC, regression testing, continuous integration, and push button deployments