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Gamut HR Solutions

Corporate Sales Manager

Date Posted : 25th Nov 2022
23 applicant(s)
Mid-Level (4 to 6 years)
Rs. 100000 INR -Rs.830000 INR (PA)
Luxury Goods Jewelry
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Job Description
Build new channels
• Promote sales growth through various Marketing strategies
• Tie up with corporates and get our products listed

The client is looking for a person who can handle the following responsibilities :



·        Promote sales growth through various Marketing strategies and implementing new ideas.

·        Tie up with corporates and get our products listed.

·        Approach clients via LinkedIn provide them with Business & Tie-up Proposal.

·        Send business/tie up proposal to minimum of 20 companies and maximum of 50 companies per month.

·        Ensure to tie up/fix the deal with minimum of 2 companies per month.

·        Relationship building with teams of all big Loyalty & other Companies.

·        Create strategies to innovate offerings/campaigns/deals and drive Sales.

·        Promotion of GV in corporates.

·        Coupon Generations / Cross promotions.


·        Come up with new initiatives / Ideas, Build new channels.

·        Develop the Loyalty, Agriculture, Fertilizers, Cement, Tyre, Banks & Pharma Clients to generate revenue & growth Targets.

·        Re connect with Existing / Current Clients to restart the business.

Client Management

·        Visit companies and meet HR / Admin department, offer special discount to the entire employees and delegates.

·        Visit government organization or companies and generate revenue from them.

·        Send internal email for offline and online offers.

·        Provide Special Package to Corporates for wedding in bridal collection and personal services.

·        Mapping of potential corporate clients. Identifying & approaching new corporate clients.

·        Presenting the company’s product portfolio to prospective corporate clients & creating new accounts.

·        Retention & renewal of corporate accounts.

·        Follow up with clients as and when needed.

·        Provide clients with product catalogue as and when new designs are introduced.

·        Maintain a client database and send greetings on any occasion on behalf of the client

·        Respond & Resolve to clients queries on a timely manner.