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Purchase Specialist

Date Posted : 4th Aug 2022
24 applicant(s)
Junior (1 to 3 years)
Rs. 150000 INR -Rs.320000 INR (PA)
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·        Develop and communicate inventory management policies and procedures

·        Review compiled inventory reports (quantity, type and value of materials, and equipment and stock on hand)

·        Monitor inventory levels, inventory movement using manual inventory system. Also monitor targets on a daily, monthly and seasonal basis

·        Maintain effective stock levels in the factory

·        Take complete handover of file from GM – manufacturing & execution and procure/block material according to the material requirement per order. The file has to be handed over to factory manager the next day with estimated date of procurement

·        Work and assist the factory manager for any urgent material requirements during production

·        Forecast future needs using various calculations

·        Make proper purchase orders based on vendor’s estimations

·        Follow-up with vendors/suppliers for better goods and services

·        Maintain good rapport with vendors for effective services.

·        Maintain inventory in an organised manner. Detailed inventory details to be updated on the system

·        Analyse, review and purchase products and services with best quality

·        Maintain the Vendor Registration Forms effectively and promptly, duly mentioned with the products/ services, terms and conditions of vendorship, suppliers and other details.