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Academic Dean- Maths & Science (Middle & High) And English (Primary)

Date Posted : 23rd Jun 2022
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Executive (10+ years)
Rs. 2500000 INR -Rs.3500000 INR (PA)
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Lead pedagogical innovation and framework design for the academic solution to deliver on the long term mission of the organization of providing high quality education to APS students

Bring in international best practices to create cutting edge curriculum while keeping pace with the dynamic government norms and regulations

Create learning progression and curriculum frameworks with exemplars to be consumed by the content development team as baseline for their creation

Conduct sample reviews of the content created by the content development team to ensure they are in line with the agreed frameworks

Collaborate with the Curriculum Development Director and the content development team to continuously innovate

● Build capability through trainings and workshops within the curriculum team by bringing global best practices in pedagogy and design and building subject matter expertise

● Lead a deep understanding of teacher and student context in affordable schools to create a relevant and meaningful academic solution