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Posted on Oct 31 2022

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About us Innoviti ( is India’s largest provider of payment solutions to Enterprise merchants.  Processing $10 Bn of payments from 2000 cities. We today have 76% of Enterprise market share.  Enterprises such as Reliance, Landmark Group, Shoppers Stop, Pantaloons, Hamleys, Van Heusen, Louise Phillipe, Madura Garments and several other hundreds of Enterprises are our customers. Our vision is to use technology to unlock the hidden value in payments, helping large and small businesses constantly find new and unique ways to grow faster with lesser efforts. We believe payment transactions are more than money moving pipes. Whenever a payment happens, it is not only the merchant who makes money, but also the brand whose product was sold and the bank whose payment instrument was used. A merchant, brand, and bank talk to the same consumer, however there is no easy way for them to talk to each other. Our technology makes this collaboration happen, and makes it happen at the point of payment. We help them share customers and share marketing budgets, in turn targeting customers better than possible otherwise. By making it happen at the point of payment we ensure for each party that their marketing efforts are translating into sales. Today our technology has helped large businesses grow faster with lesser efforts. They have been able to offer EMI, BNPL, Cashbacks, Loyalty Point redemption and other offers with merchants, brands and banks participating in it. Every day new use cases are designed and stitched using our technology platform. Our next target are small merchants. For them, the problems are far larger and more complex. They have no means to access the marketing budgets or customers of large brands or banks. They cannot even cross the regional offices of these businesses. This is where we come in. We are bringing the power of the technology created for large merchants to these businesses. Helping bring the power of large brands and banks with whom we already partner to small merchants. Innoviti’s first target category in this segment is small merchants selling electronic goods – mobiles, durables, laptops etc. They are struggling the most as their customers find attractive offers online through partner brands and banks, which they can’t match in their stores. These businesses offer the advantage of touch, feel and explanation in local language. What they lack is the technology to discover, access customers and attract them with superior offers. GENIE, our smart marketing platform helps them do that. It is a mobile app that integrates with bank and brands on one end and Google and Facebook on the other. It not only helps them discover and access customers searching for these products online, but also attract them to their stores with offers better than online. The app was launched in July 2021 and has shown a 100% month-on-month growth, with more than 23% of the merchant’s monthly sales now happening through it.  In the next 5 years Innoviti wants to scale up its GTV from $10Bn to $30Bn, multiplying its revenue 10X. We want to be recognized in this space as the company that transformed the payments industry by showing ways of extracting value from payment transactions better than anyone else. We want to be setting the path for the next generation of payment solutions, that will be followed by others. Towards this we need to hire aggressive talented individuals, who firmly believe that no problem is unsolvable. That there is always a way to solve the toughest of problems. Those who get excited by solving such tough problems at scale, and seeing the impact of that around them in the market. Those who feel fulfilled when they see that it is making a difference to the lives of people around them. To drive this roadmap the company is looking for talent who are ready to do what no payments platform has done before and what every payment platform will do thereafter. Would you like to join this journey? Job description: Designation : Senior Manager Talent Acquisition Reporting to : VP HR Location : Bangalore Overview: Senior Manager Talent Acquisition will work closely with business heads to understand the company objectives and construct plans and strategies to improve recruitment performance. Fundamentally, the main responsibility is to attract top talent and diverse candidates across all levels of an organization. Key Responsibilities: Determine current staffing needs and produce forecasts. Develop talent acquisition hiring plans. Lead employment branding initiatives. Perform sourcing to fill open positions and anticipate future needs. Plan and conduct recruitment and selection processes (interviews, screening calls etc.) Designing and driving the adoption of consistent recruiting, interviewing and hiring practices that support a strong candidate experience. Identifying and partnering with external providers as required to ensure hiring needs are met. Goals: Track recruitment KPIs and set measurable goals. Partner with marketing to build your employer brand. Diversify candidate pipeline. Elevate employee experience to retain talent. Turn to existing employees for referrals. Day-to-day activities: Manage a team of recruiters for various teams. Manage recruitment consultants for various needs. Make sure hiring cost is minimum - own employees or consultants. Understand: Seek to actively engage with the internal stakeholders to get a detailed understanding of the needs at all levels and for all teams - Sales, Technology, Finance, Operations, Field team, etc. Stay engaged with candidates before they join and after they join to make sure they join and perform well in the organization. Make sure the hiring gets completed within defined TAT. Keep the respective Heads updated about their hiring needs through daily report. Get the sourcing done through portals, references, networking sites, etc. Should be able to negotiate the packages, benefits, etc. with candidates. Should be able to explain policies and compliances to candidates at different levels. Oversee all stages of candidate experience (including application, interviews and communication) Skills and Qualifications: MBA with at least 10+ years of experience in which at least 3 years as a Manager Talent Acquisition of a fast-growing organization. Strong network of people. Proven track record of having introduced impactful changes in the hiring function that had a lasting effect on the organization. Demonstrated ability to have taken tough decisions to strengthen team productivity. Prior experience of working in a start-up would be preferred. Need to have urgency for a closure of open activities. Emoluments: Fixed salary : Variable salary (to be disbursed based on goals in Section 4) ESOPs (if any): Personality: The ideal person for this role would be someone who loves the challenge of an entrepreneurial environment, who has high ownership to be available 24x7 for our customers, who is able to deal with complexity and rapid change and who has large dreams to be part of interesting journey. The person would be self-driven, results-oriented with a positive outlook and impeccable integrity. He/she would have a track record of delivering results consistently in uncertain environments. Excellent communication skills with an ability to manage crucial conversations with senior stakeholders. Retail industry demands “I’ll do it now instead of tomorrow” attitude. Please be prepared for interesting journey if you want to grow fast with no age barriers.

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Innoviti Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is India’s largest provider of Collaborative Commerce Platforms. We are using payment technology in an unconventional way to solve the problem of rising cost of acquisition for businesses. As you know, digital marketing has made it easy for competition to target customers of a business. Large businesses have started collaborating to acquire customers together. In ...Show More


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