Senior Human Resources Recruiter



Mid-Level (4 to 6 years)
4L - 8L (Per Year)
Posted on Apr 07 2022

About the Job


Key Responsibilities:


●       Develop recruitment goals and objectives.

●       Develop sustainable recruiting strategy based on our goals and needs.

●       Source passive candidates

●       Search resume databases for the most fit candidates

●       Communicate with Hiring Managers

●       Determine the effectiveness and success of current recruiting plans and strategies.

●       Write and proofread job descriptions.

●       Recommend new sources for active and passive candidate recruiting.

●       Build talent networks to find qualified active and passive candidates.

●       Use multi-channel approach to recruit.

●       Evaluate which sources bring best candidates.

●       Identify key recruiting KPIs.

●       Plan and implement a Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding strategy to attract high quality applicants.

●       Review applicants to evaluate if they meet the position requirements.

●       Interview candidates following company's rules and regulations.

●       Adhere to laws, rules, and regulations.

●       Adhere to personal data privacy regulations.

●       Responsible for end-to-end recruitment activities.

●       Responsible for hiring decisions Offer Negotiation / DOJ negotiations / Notice period Negotiations with candidates.

●       Rich experience in technical/Non-technical hiring across all levels (junior, middle & senior)


Skills and Qualification:

●       Bachelor's Degree/Master's Degree with minimum 3 to 5 years of experience in bulk hiring, campus hiring, NON IT recruitment / IT recruitment.

●       Excellent verbal and written communication skills, required.

●       Would be responsible to manage big volumes of open positions as well as niche demands.

●       Interviewing, Eye For Talent, Assessment, Communication, Timeliness, Attention to Detail, Good Judge of Character, HR, Job Analysis, Negotiation, Networking.

About the company

Innoviti Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is India’s largest provider of Collaborative Commerce Platforms. We are using payment technology in an unconventional way to solve the problem of rising cost of acquisition for businesses. As you know, digital marketing has made it easy for competition to target customers of a business. Large businesses have started collaborating to acquire customers together. In ...Show More


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