NOIDA, India
Mid-Level (4 to 6 years)
120,000 - 10,000,000 (Per Year)
Posted on November 04 2022

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About the Job


Digital Marketing
Direct Sales
Content creation
Digital Research
Social platform
Social Media Marketing
Digital Strategy


Candidate only consider from Digital Marketing Industry

Immediately Joiner


Current Clients KRA’s:

1. Understand the Vision, Mission and Tasks related Client on weekly basis, bimonthly - Meeting Basis and Monthly Meeting basis.

2. Delegate the tasks to Operations team member efficiently and smoothly using Trello(Sales Bubbles Board( Comprises of all Cards which are linked to the respective Project) and Workspace google chat of the Project.

2. To update the Current Client chat, whatsapp and Trello(if any board) groups and mail on weekly basis brief summary and all the activities done weekly - Sample format for all. Mail will be more detailed and may provide other relevant information too.

3. Create separate category of mail chain based on Category like • Invoicing • Analytics • Data Gathering • Marketing Updates and Support. These all mails will created seperately at the start of the Project.

4. Email the Client with Predefined Newsletters about Company Social's SEO, SMO and Branding Approach and thoughts.

Also how Digital Marketing can change their shape their Company to get an edge on the Competitors, Pan India.

4. Provide Sales Report on Weekly Basis.

5. Create and Manage 8 Sales Channels

6. Train/Co-ordinate with 1 executive and 2 Interns.

7. Take technical interview of Executive and Interns

8. Training Weekly to Sales team on Minimum of 3 Trainings of 45 each

9. Make SOPs for meetings, MOMs

Conduct/ Co-ordinate/ Schedule Meetings with team members and Client members and Lead all Client Meetings starting from Client Onboarding, Discovery Meeting, Bimonthly and Monthly Meetings and Support.

Upwork & Guru

1. Hire a Freelancer/ Contractual BDE for Upwork and Guru

2. Coordinate and track the Freelancer/ Contractual.

3. Conduct Skype call with Client to Close International Deals.

Email Marketing Leads 

-: (80 Qualified Leads Per month from Australia and USA)

1. Follow Up on the leads and close a minimum 2-5 Clients per month.

2. Coordinate with Email Marketers on Whatsapp / Mail

3. Record all Skype Calls for internal and training Purposes.

Sales Projection Report of next 3 Months, 6 Months and 1 Year.

Sales and Marketing daily Meeting (separately/ collectively) and update(Trello Sales Bubble Board).

During Sales:

1. Record the Sales Pitching in Zoom paid Plan with NSPL Background for internal and Training purposes. Keep dual copy of Recordings in Google Drive and Local Computer / Local Server

2. Create/ lead Quotation Automation.

3. Implement Sales automation successfully( Access to training of 1 Week Premium Sales Automation Implementation Guide and dedicated Support will be provided)


1. Get Paypal and Stripe account Activated

/. Get Weekly Promotional Template ready for Posting on Sales Channels. Share across the Database

2. Create / Coordinate :

•10 Email Banners

•10 Mail Copy writings

   • Service Wise

   • Platform Wise

   • Niche Wise

3. Get Digital Marketing Strategy, Roadmap and Workflow created in Coordination with Operation team to identify the Costing. Calculate the Profit on Project basis, Monthly.

4. Train Backup Sales Executive for the Substitution or Emergency. Train Interns to substitute Sales Executive.


Target - 4000$ / Monthly

+ + :

1. Per project 8% - 15% and Above

2. Monthly Bonus

Recognition/ Credibility increase through Story of closing on Insta/Linkedin Reels and blog by NSPL.

3. Company Share 0.5 Percent for 1st Year, 1% for 2nd Year and so on based on the working and commitment level after three months probation assessment. However ESOPs/shares can only liquidate it after 5 years of working.

- - :

60% Fixed Money and 40% Variable Pay based on the Perfomance and Target Result monthly.

Holding of the Variable payment till the minimum threshold Result is achieved collectively including the backlogs(if any)

  • Watch Trainings of Sales Mastery (Mandatory if Sales is low and take help/ Consultancy)

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