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Store Manager

Mid-Level: 4 to 6 years
4L - 5L (Per Year)

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store incharge
store supervisior
store manager
store head

Job description

Roles and Responsibilities

Finance / Business

  • To assist in managing inventory levels to meet procurement & dispatch targets and updating the concerned head regularly.
  • Responsible for GRN preparation to check shortage, excess, damage and report to concern departments.
  • Verifying purchase order terms and bills of material with PO terms.
  • To resolve vendor/ supplier payment issues with smooth internal coordination.


  • Solving issues of departments related to material procurement.
  • Communicating of inward - outward movement of materials to all the departments.


  • Assessing the performance of the vendors based on various criterions such as vendor fill rate, rejections, quality improvement rate, timely delivery etc. and share it with procurement for decision making.
  • Coordinating with other departments for material requirement planning, material procurement & purchase planning, ensuring continuous supply at optimum costs.
  • Preparation and Dispatch of POs to suppliers


  • Procuring material on a day to day basis as per purchase indent requirement and following up with suppliers for timely delivery.
  • Responsible for checking the quality and quantity of stock upon receiving from the suppliers and overseeing batch and expiry of the products.
  • Anchor internal audit of material and address the damaged stock and preparation of RGP.
  • Responsible for getting non- regular indents approval from respective unit heads and raise the PR accordingly.
  • Responsible for arranging the material in stores according to the tags.
  • To exercise general control over all activities in stores department.
  • To initiate purchase requisitions for the replacement of stock of all regular stores items whenever the stock level of any item of store approaches the minimum limit fixed in respect thereof.
  • To issue materials only in required quantities against authorized requisition notes/material lists.
  • To check the book balances, with the actual physical stock at frequent intervals by way of internal control over wrong issue
  • To ensure implementation of First-in, first-out and first-expiry, first-out principles are followed.
  • Track daily requests/complaints, tabulated monthly statistics, and prepare reports.
  • Responsible for preparing GRN, RGP and non-moving stock reports on monthly basis and submit it to Unit Head.
  • Maintaining records and reports for audit readiness based on NABH standards

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