Regional Marketing Head



Senior: 7 to 10 years
15L - 20L (Per Year)
Posted on Mar 16 2023

About the Job


Regional Marketing
Hospital Marketing
B2B Marketing

Scope : To execute Business Development functioning by connecting referral doctors, Visiting Consultants and neighborhood connectivity in a given territory on Daily basis, organize the business development activities, understand the customer needs and promote the organization among medical fraternity and public and growth of organization by revenue generation.

·        To achieve the Budget (Number and Revenue Department wise) on Monthly/quarterly/Half yearly and Annual Basis.

·        To have the Proper and updated customers data (Referral Doctor’s name with Qualification, Specialty wise/ Category Wise, Nursing home/Hospitals, CMO’s, VC’s , RWA’s , Clubs and Associations Etc.) of the concerned territory including Head quarter and outstation.

·        Must have professional and technical knowledge related to the Hospital, Be well versed with all kind of promotional material being marketed (Printed and electronic) among referral doctors. 

·        Execute the Sales action Plans and Strategies to achieve the given Budget. (Example: Day wise planner to meet referral doctors, One to One meet, Dinner/Lunch meets, CME’s Etc..,) on regular basis. 

·        To meet the customer on daily basis, identify the customer requirement and establish good relationship with customer and meets the customer expectations on day to day and priority basis.

·        Keep good relation with in house doctors (Consultants) and Management and meet them often and organize activities to connect with Medical Fraternity through One to one visit, Lunch/Dinner meets, CME’s and Providing Visiting Consultants Facility to Specialty and Super Specialty doctors. As part of neighborhood connectivity organize In house and Onsite Camps , Health Talks at RWA’s Clubs and Association to promote the department in turn growth of the organization among the referral doctors which helps to establish good rapport with the referring doctors.

·        Keep the reporting manager informed on work on a day to day basis and discuss on sales plan and other sales related issues at regular intervals.

·        Defining the market, understanding the competitor’s strength and weakness, Competitor’s marketing strategies and keep the reporting manager informed as on when required.

·        Maintain the daily data and update the data in an approved format.

·        Analyse the sales statistics (Number and Revenue) on weekly basis to keep on track with the projected budget.

·        Be a team player and contribute to team efforts in coordinating for all kind of promotional activities to accomplish positive result in turn to growth of the organization.

    .   Ensure sending report on daily visit and Tour Program on weekly basis and Activity planned for next month on monthly basis to reporting manager.


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