Warehouse Operations Manager



Bangalore, India
Executive: More than 10 years
Posted on April 26 2023

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About the Job


Vendor end to end Management
Fruit & Vegetable & Grocery Mandatory
People Management
Warehouse Operations

1 Lakh orders per day

Fruit & Vegetable & Grocery Mandatory 

Vendor end to end Management 

Identify New Vendor

FC Management ( Fulfilment Centre )

People Management 

Business Understanding from different team

Procurement Team, Finance Team, 2nd mile operations last mile Operations. 

Taking required steps to reduce wastages.

Responsible for end to end  Warehouse Operations

Experience in handling Fruits and Vegetables

Monitoring the receipt, order, assembly and dispatch of goods

Material/Inventory Control and management.

Maintaining quality standards.

Ensuring timely dispatch.

Keeping stock control systems up to date and make sure inventories are accurate

Planning future capacity requirements and manpower planning.

Team Management / Inward management / Outward Management / Inventory Management

Ensuring smooth operation and allocating and managing staff resource

Ensuring efficient space utilization

Taking required steps to reduce wastages.

Working closely with all departments and ensuring a good end customer experience.

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