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NLP Engineer

Date Posted : 3rd Oct 2022
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Mid-Level (4 to 6 years)
Computer Software
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Job Description
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Data Modeling
AI Research

About the Role:

As a NLP Engineer you will have a key role in our development of new and existing models at Expertia - to improve our resume parsing, search, screening and interviewing capabilities. 

You will be building large-scale data collection pipelines, working closely alongside ML/NLP/ research scientists and engineers. You will design and implement compelling scenarios for crowdsourcing data collection. You will participate in bleeding edge research in natural language processing and its applications in HR-tech. You will have opportunities to publish top-tier AI conferences and push the boundaries of the field. 

You will work in a varied team of developers and will be involved in the entire development lifecycle. You will collaborate with the team of developers for implementation of our new features for our existing applications.You will be developing new models, its architecture and system design alongside the founders. 

We are looking for dynamic and enthusiastic team members to join our journey as we scale Expertia AI globally. Being part of a fast-growing team of top-notch engineers and AI research scientists, you will experience all the excitement and dynamism of a startup.

Mandatory Skills: 

  • 3+ years working with Python with ML frameworks - Tensorflow, Keras
  • Familiarity with NLP toolkits (Stanford CoreNLP, NLTK, ClearTK)
  • Familiarity with data science/ML packages, tools and languages (R, Scikit-Learn,etc)
  • Background to collect data, train and deploy AI/NLP models 
  • Experience with knowledge graphs, language models or ML models
  • You will be expected to identify and integrate the best science available, whether from published research or your own approach
  • Experience in many portions of the NLP pipeline, knowledge of linguistic semantics, including parsing, word sense disambiguation, knowledge extraction, and question answering and language generation.
  • Setup end-end pipeline for data ingestion, preparation, model training, validation and deployment.

Preferred Skills: 

  • Experience working at a growth stage startup at 0-1 Phase
  • Demonstrative experience with publications in NLU/NLP
  • Combination of research and development background
  • Deploy AI/NLP services as web apps using Docker and Kubernetes
  • Strong understanding of the NLP space (natural language understanding, sentiment analysis, personality insight etc.), conversational interfaces, and leveraging existing services and libraries (integration, configuration, training, continuous learning)
  • Knowledge and willingness to learn and apply emerging trends in business research, data science, Machine learning Artificial Intelligence, Cloud.

Perks at Expertia: 

  • Accelerated Growth & Rewards
  • Comprehensive insurance for you and family + health and wellness days
  • Competitive pay ( with Travel and Relocation covered)
  • Flexible work hours
  • Opportunity to work directly with the founders
  • Many more!