Customer Relationship Manager - Female



Mid-Level: 4 to 6 years
2L - 4L (Per Month)
Posted on Apr 25 2023

About the Job


Critical Thinking
Business Development
Interpersonal Skills

Job description

1. Develop & execute customer relationship management campaigns to increase customer loyalty

2. Prepare a set of universal customer relationship procedures & apply them at every level of the company

3. Analyze customer behaviorand measure their impact on business outcomes to update strategies

4. Maintain smooth communication with customers and promptly reply to their queries

5. Respond and resolve customer complaints quickly and efficiently

6. Divide customers into different classes based on common characteristics like demographics or behaviors and personalize the approach effectively

7. Run effective promotional activities to optimize sales growth and customer retention

8. Use existing customer data to gain new leads and potential customers

9. Understand previous customer attitudes to better engage current customers

10. Identify new and more cost-efficient communication channels with customers

11. Identify the most efficient customer interaction approaches & prioritize them accordingly

12. Keep customers updated about the latest collections & special offers in order to increase sales

13. Adopt new trends & strategies to expand the customer base such as upselling and cross-selling

14. Coordinate different departments in terms of their customer interactions and establish a way to increase the level and effectiveness of their cooperation

15. Notify admins and upper management about all the execution plans & required changes

16. Monitor direct competitors of the company and find out how they handle customer relationships

About the company

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Civil Engineering

Company Size

51-200 Employees



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