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Fresher: Less than 1 year
2L - 4L (Per Year)
Posted on Mar 14 2023

About the Job


UI/UX Design
Content Writing
Copy writing
Content Strategy

The global chatbot market is projected to reach USD 4.9 billion by 2032. 

At CAW Studios, we are building the Conversation Design academy and a team that is focused on these new-age HCI.

What is conversation design (CXD)?

A Conversation Designer is responsible for designing engaging and impactful conversational experiences. A Conversation Designer should understand business requirements, conduct UX research, and create natural dialogue flows keeping technical constraints and product capabilities in mind.

What do we do at CAW Studios?

Our organization relies on its central engineering workforce to design, develop and maintain a product portfolio of several different startups. Our product portfolio continuously grows as we incubate more startups, which means that various products will likely use other technologies, architecture, & frameworks - a fun place for smart tech lovers.

We allow you to be part of a team that will be leading the development of a SAAS product.

Who are you?

You have a penchant for good writing, like copy, dialogues, and scripts

You are a good storyteller and a visual person

You are proactive in solving problems

You can already see yourself in HCI, Writing, AI, and UX 

What would you do as a conversation designer?

  • Understand business requirements and craft conversational flows to solve end user’s problems
  • Conduct a user-first UX research
  • Analytical Thinking: Use data-driven decision-making to define flows
  • Ability to synthesize multiple perspectives (Clients, Developers, Program Managers)
  • Proactively identify blockers
  • Be the client’s advocate, ensure the solution offers long-term success and ROI
  • Understanding of the underlying technology, platform, and product
  • Keep up with market trends and be a thought leader in the industry


What if I am a Beginner or just graduated from college?

It doesn't matter if you are a newcomer or someone who has just started in UX, content/ copywriting or the SaaS space. We are looking to mentor beginners also in this field. Freshers would be highly appreciated as interns for 6 months. The exceptional candidates will receive a PPO post the period.

What if I have some experience in Conversation Design or a similar field?  

At this stage, we are considering candidates with up to 1.5 YOE in conversational design to start with us for this role. 

How should we proceed?

As soon as you apply with us, we review your resume, understand your expectations (yes, a portfolio helps) and see if you are a right fit for this role. No matter if you are just out of college or are a newcomer with some experience in conversation design, (user experience, content and copywriting, or even in the SaaS space) if your profile exudes that certain passion, we want to interview you.

What should I include in my portfolio?

  • For someone who is a beginner, we want to see how structured your thoughts are.
  • Things that would help us include: Blogs, case studies, low-fidelity mockups, ad copy examples, writeups, etc. 
  • For someone with some level of experience:
  • Things that would help us include: Conversation design - UX - portfolios, case studies, sample mockups, etc.

What is our interview process?

We are bringing new ideas to the interview procedure. Creating a shortened version of the Conversation Design process seemed like a better solution than conventional take-home tasks because each applicant is given the same amount of time, everyone starts with the same amount of information, and everyone learns together.

Note: You will receive some basic instructions on how to prepare for our first round of interviews once we decide to move forward with it. We want to make things simple for you and practical for us as well.

About the company

CAW Studios is a Product Engineering Company of 85+ geeks based out of Hyderabad. We run engineering for other start-ups. Our core strength lies in building products from scratch when the idea is just on paper. We understand the problem being solved and then, we Architect, Develop and Operate the product in the cloud whilst working on the subsequent versions. We invest heavily in automation, nim ...Show More

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51-200 Employees



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