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Google Ads
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Google Ads Editor

We are looking for a Google Adward Expert to join our Marketing team and enrich our customer needs.

Performing all these tasks regularly may use up resources and hinder business-crucial operations. It is easier to hire a Google Ads expert instead.

Although their roles and responsibilities may vary from business to business, there are a few common responsibilities that come under every expert’s pay grade.

   A Google Ads expert typically starts by interacting with clients on their preferred outcome. The client’s goal may be to bring in traffic, drive up sales, improve brand visibility, or boost engagement. Understanding this aspect helps to create more focused campaigns.

   The next step is trying to understand the targeted audience. You must make sure the right demographic is being reached with the ad.

   The budget of the campaign must also be determined, which will help set realistic goals and expectations. As a Google Ads expert, you also would not want to overshoot the client’s budget and put them in a tough spot.

   After getting clarity on the goal, target audience, and budget, you have to determine an effective strategy to reach the goal. This also includes understanding the product or service of the client and choosing a campaign accordingly. Campaigns can be location-specific or search topic-specific.

   Once the campaign is up and running, you are responsible for monitoring its performance and making adjustments based on results. You may lower budgets, update the ad copy, target different keywords, and make changes to the landing page for better results.

Google Ads Expert Skills:

Skills, in this context, differ from qualifications in the sense that qualifications imply degrees and work experiences, whereas skills refer to the knowledge or qualities that an individual possesses.

To become a Google Ads expert, you must have specific hard and soft skills if you expect even to be paid the Google Ads expert minimum salary for your efforts.

Hard skills for this role include:

   -Background or experience in marketing and advertising

   -Knowledge about search engine marketing and marketing automation

   -Familiarity with the Google Ads platform (Excel knowledge is an added advantage)

   -Ability to operate and comprehend data analytics tools

   Copy writing knowledge and experience in the marketing domain

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