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Asst. Manager F&B Service

Date Posted : 14th Dec 2022
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Mid-Level (4 to 6 years)
Rs. 100000 INR -Rs.310000 INR (PA)
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Job Description

1. Job Position

Food & Beverage Service  Executive / Asst.Manager

2. Category


3. Responsible To

General Manager,

4. Job Definition

To organize, develop, and administer the food and beverage service area that has been assigned to him

.Job Responsibilities:-

Ø Responsible for food and beverage service Department in the determined area assigned to him.

Ø To conduct a menu engineering exercise annually to be able to identify the fast moving and slow moving items on the menu(s)

Ø To plan and conduct food festivals and promotions to up sell the slow moving and non-moving items on the menu.

Ø Responsible for guest feedback calling and maintain the good relation with the guest.

Ø To analyze guest comments and ensure that the negative factors in food quality and service are removed without causing further damage.

Ø To liaise with the training manager to organize programmes for staff in the department

Ø Responsible to approve the general stores requisition, an as per weekly/ daily schedules planned.

Ø To maintain par stocks for Crockery, cutlery, glass ware, stationary.

Ø Conduct the training program for junior Staff

Ø To ensure that pest control is done at regular intervals and regular schedules are maintained for the same

Ø Responsible for maintaining reasonable cost control in the department without compromising on quality

Ø To account for the breakage of glassware, Crockery and cutlery.

Ø To ensure that all  service orders are served in standard time, as per guest request and with proper professional etiquette

Ø To conduct daily briefings and ensure that shift beginning and shift end briefings are being held at the beginning and end of each shift.

Ø To be present in the area of operation at the peak operation hours.

Ø To ensure that employees in the department conform to house rules and policies of the Hotel

Ø To initiate the performance evaluation of his subordinate staff.

Ø To formulate and ensure adherence to Service standard.

Ø To be able to take complete charge in the absence of the F&B manager.

Ø To develop restaurant sales through setting high standards of service to guests

Ø To acquire thorough knowledge of food and beverage control procedures and implement the same

Ø To handle guest complaints and ensure guest satisfaction through immediate action

Ø To inspect table cover layouts and equipment placement and settings before commencement of service

Ø Ensures that the restaurant is always kept clean and organized, both at the front as well as the back of house areas.

Ø Complete closing duties, including restocking items, turning off lights, etc.

Ø Conducts monthly inventory checks on all operating equipment and supplies. 

Ø Take an active role in coaching and developing junior staff.

Ø To follow the house rules and policies laid down by the management

Ø To adhere to strict grooming and hygiene standards

Ø To consciously and continuously strive to better his/her skills and increase his/her knowledge