Tele-callers at Indore



2Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd #ITRecruitment
Indore, India
Junior: 1 to 3 years
500000 - 600000 (Per Year)
Posted on May 16 2023

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About the Job


Cold Calling
New Client Acquisitions

Qualification: Undergrads / Grad.

Job Description

  • Tele-callers initiate telephonic contact with existing and prospective clients in order to generate sales.
  • Given their reliance on spoken language, tele-callers ought to display excellent verbal communication.
  • We are looking for a Tele-caller to boost our sales by communicating with current and possible customers/clients.
  • A candidate will be required to gather information from the individual and suggest a probable product or service.
  • To be able to provide the best tele-calling experience, you must know how to convince the toughest of the client to purchase our offering.
  • Outbound calls for new customers
  • Inbound calls from existing customers.
  • Upselling products.
  • Providing additional information on products and services to existing customers.
  • Maintaining quality and ethical protocols at all times
  • Acquiring, updating and maintaining customer details.


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